Housing Information

Residence Life

The goal of Residence Life at Moody is to foster a residence hall environment where students support and challenge each other to pursue Christ and engage in holistic learning by making connections between their faith and their everyday life. We work to help students intnetionally foster caring relationships which reflect Christ's love for all people and respond lovingly to breakdown in integrity. This holistic learning is an essnetial part of a Moody Education. As a result, Moody as an institution has chosen to value the on campus living experience by requiring all students to complete their degree programs while living in one of the 5 residence halls on campus. Exceptions to this are married students and a small number of upperclassmen who have been accepted into the Urban Cohort program or Off Campus program.  

On each floor there is a Resident Assistant (RA), a student selected to serve as a leader and resource person. A Resident Supervisor (RS), who is a full-time professional, lives in each residence hall and supports the campus living experience. By purposefully mixing majors, ages and academic years on each floor, our desire is that older students mentor younger students and that everyone develop healthy relational skills by daily interacting with people who have different perspectives. As Christians, we believe that living in community is one of the ways that God refines and develops our character.

Requesting Residence Preferences

All new single students will automatically be housed in one of our residence halls. You have the option of requesting your preferred roommate, residence hall, or floor. In addition, if you require any ADA accommodations, please request these at your earliest convenience. You may send your preference by email to housing@moody.edu. Housing requests must be submitted by December 14.

While we cannot always guarantee your request, the Residence Life staff will work hard to do so as space is available.

After housing is complete, you will receive information via email about how to view your room and roommate assignment on the My.Moody Student Portal (https://my.moody.edu). As part of your check-in during orientation, Residence Life will provide your room keys.

Married students are not required to live on campus. If you are interested in receiving more information regarding married housing on campus or an application, please contact Residence Life at (312) 329-4189 or email housing@moody.edu.

Room Information

Each room is carpeted and equipped with an extra-long twin bed, desk and chair, bookshelves, dresser and closet space for each student. Internet access is also available for each resident (Wi-Fi is available throughout campus, including the Residence Halls). Space in the rooms is limited, although there is room for a small refrigerator, a small one-piece bookshelf or a file cabinet if you would like to bring one.

Each floor has a small kitchen area, a lounge and restroom facilities. Each residence hall has a TV in the large lounge. Vending machines are provided in all of the residence halls. The laundry rooms in each residence hall (with the exception of Jenkins) are included in the cost of the facilities fee and do not require additional monies to operate. Students must provide their own laundry supplies. Commercial dry cleaners are within walking distance of the campus.

What shouldn't I bring

  • Residence Life is requiring that no upholstered furniture be brought into the Residence Halls (except Jenkins Hall)
  • No couches, futons, overstuffed chairs, bean bags, chairs with cushions or padding, etc.
  • Acceptable furniture includes items that can be put in a dryer (such as a hammock, or canvas chair that has removable material), wooden or plastic chairs, and inflatable furniture
  • Click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab to see a list of suggested acceptable items to bring on campus

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