Career Services Center

The Career Services Center exists to assist all students in searching for jobs while in school and making the transition into the professional ministry/job market. The Career Center will help students locate possible part-time jobs both on and off campus, no matter which campus you are on. The Career Center also specializes in helping all students to transition into the post-grad job world. 

Chicago Campus Employment

Listings of available jobs, both on and off campus, are found on the My.Moody Student Portal ( After logging in, click on the “Chicago Campus” tab and on the right side at the bottom will be “Student Employment Services” and two links under that: “On-Campus” and “Part time Off Campus”. Click on each link to view and apply for the jobs in those designated arenas. Both lists have instructions on how to apply.

These job lists change often, so come back as you search for a part-time job. You may need to be on campus or in the area to apply for and connect with some of the job opportunities. The Career Development Center is available throughout the year to serve you and help with job search resources.

 Students should not exceed 24 hours of work per week. Exceptions must be approved by the Associate Dean of Career Development, Patrick Friedline.

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