Health Insurance

Moody requires all on-campus students to have health insurance at all times, including during break periods. You are automatically enrolled in the Moody Insurance and charged the premium unless proof of alternate insurance is submitted. A $20 insurance handling fee is charged to all students regardless of whether they choose Moody’s insurance plan or an alternate plan.

Alternate Insurance Coverage 

If you have alternative coverage under the plan of a parent or spouse, you may waive the Moody insurance. The charge for Moody insurance will be removed from your school bill only after an online waiver form and a copy of your insurance card have been submitted to and accepted by the Student Health Insurance Coordinator. Waiver forms must be submitted prior to the beginning of each semester. The deadline to submit forms and cards is December 19th. Waiver and enrollment forms are located in > Moody Central > Student Accounts. A $10 late fee will be assessed for waivers received after December 19th.

For current insurance rates, please see the Chicago Undergraduate Tuition and Fees.

If you will be using Moody's health insurance plan, please officially accept it by emailing to expedite your move-in experience during orientation. 

Advantages of using the Moody Plan

  • Plan deductibles are low. The Individual Plan deductible is $150 per policy year.
  • Moody Health Service is an in-network provider and visit charges are not subject to deductibles. You receive better prescription drug benefits than from most individual insurance plans.
  • Plans are very competitively priced against comparable plans in the insurance market, especially considering the deductible, prescription drug benefit and Health Service Center benefit. (Individual Plan is approximately $175/month.)

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