Registration for Classes

Creating a class schedule each semester can be a stressful process. For this reason, Moody Bible Institute has academic advisors that exist to assist in class scheduling throughout your career to ensure that you will join our alumni in just a few years.

For your first semester, new students should consider the following registration guidelines:

  • In May, you will automatically be enrolled in a required course as part of our First Year Experience (FYE) program. For more information on FYE, email
  • You will be registered for your first-semester courses by your academic advisor in June.
  • If you wish to register prior to this, you may register yourself by following the registration instructions found here, but this will not be available until May 1st.
  • Students eligible to receive transfer credit will receive an email from an Academic Advisor once their transcripts have been evaluated. These students should not enroll in any classes that they believe will transfer or have transferred into Moody. 
  • Students will receive information on college writing proficiency by June. For additional information and deadlines, email
  • Students can make adjustments to their schedules, as needed, until the end of the first week of the semester.
  • Students should register according to their Program Plans whenever possible.The 2022-2023 program plans can be viewed by clicking here.
  • All students will be required to meet with their academic advisor in their first semester to ensure they understand how to view their academic requirements, register for classes, and use their program plan for future registration.


We encourage students to wait until they have arrived on campus to purchase their course textbooks. There are numerous opportunities to purchase used books from other students, including a used book sale at the beginning of the semester. Students can use their email to sign up for Amazon Prime Student, which gives students free two-day shipping for six months.

Looking for a job?

We're hiring! Click here if you'd like to apply for an on-campus job with The Office Of Academic Records.

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